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How to build supply chain resilience in a world of disruption

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The supply chain is riddled with challenges despite several attempts of modernization and optimizations. The expanding set of digital intelligence has yielded an overwhelming amount of data that companies are struggling to leverage so that they can make sense of the most urgent situations.

Traditional approach to supply chain

Unlike traditional approaches that provide organizations with a static and limited view of the states of their assets and the inter-relationships across the entire ecosystem. Simulation digital twins provide additional decision making capabilities such as: the ability to identify most critical elements in the supply chain (sensitivity analysis), assess decision risks (uncertainty analysis) and prescribe the most appropriate actions in the case of disruption (automatic optimization).
Traditional approach to supply chain

Ensuring business continuity 

Cosmo Tech provides a 360° and forward-looking view of the dynamic behavior of the most complex organizations, by simulating all assets and interconnections of the entire supply chain, even under conditions that have never occurred before.  Our solution runs unlimited scenarios to anticipate all possible situations, understand the impact of decisions and obtain the best plan to reach the goals set.


Increase the value of existing systems

By leveraging business analytics and AI, Simulation Digital Twins:

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Production Planning & Control - Use Case

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is designed for enterprises looking to transform the way they plan their complex supply chain network.

Strategic Sourcing - Use Case

The Cosmo Tech strategic sourcing solution is designed for enterprises looking to optimise their supply chain sourcing strategies.

Benchmark Your Supply Chain

Assess how resilient your supply chain is by using this handy checklist that compares your current strategy against benchmarks of a resilient supply chain plan.