Cosmo Tech

Boost the Performance of your
Supply Chain Planning Software
with Simulation

Discover how the Cosmo Tech simulation digital twin platform complements existing supply chain planning solutions like Blue Yonder to make faster optimal decisions.
+ 10%
Throughput in 4 months
Logistics Cost Savings
Annual Capital Investment Reduction
Profit Increase

6 things you need to know about the Cosmo Tech Platform

Cosmo Tech develops a Simulation Digital Twin platform to optimize the performance of your supply chain, gain visibility and make optimal decisions in an uncertain world.
  • What-if simulations & optimization Run unlimited simulations to test the outcomes of your plans before implementing them, predict the impact of each decisions on the whole organization and prescribe the best operational strategy for your supply chain at any time scale and supporting your KPIs.
  • Solve real-world challenges in times of uncertainty Plans need to take into account the stochastic nature of the real world. Focus on the probability of execution of your plan rather than just identifying the best KPIs. Make sure your plan is robust and can actually be executed.
  • Scalability & flexibility No matter the size or complexity of your systems, or the number of experiments you want to run, grow as you go. You can mature and scale your digital twin and choose a best path forward through dynamic environments.
  • Low sensitivity to historical data Our modeling capabilities can embed only the data that is necessary to complement the structure of the dynamics we have built. This requires far less time investment over existing supply chain planning solutions that require data exhautivity.
  • See the impact of strategy changes in seconds Our platform makes scenario planning easier and faster - unlimited scenarios, concurrent simulations, calculation in about a second... Don't wait to run batch jobs to get answers to your questions.
  • Step away from Excel speadsheets Stop relying on heuristics-based approaches or complicated excel models that output sub-optimal, “best fit” plans. Cosmo Tech enables you to scale for business-sized problems, easily model your key constraints and break down planning silos.

Boost productivity and unlock value in your production plan

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain enables manufacturer to create a dynamic Simulation Digital Twin of their end-to-end supply chain and simulate and optimize production plans on demand. Powerful optimization algorithms based on simulation identify the optimal execution plan, outline actions for every step along the way, and over any time scale. This solution means that manufacturers are able to optimize current operations or adjust plans when unexpected events arise, while achieving desired KPIs.

Thanks to Cosmo Tech, our entire network is modeled. When the S&OP process gives a new direction, we can modify the digital twin to quickly get the best production scenario. Every month, we adapt it according to the gap observed between forecasts of customer demand and reality.