White Paper

AIO for Rail Network Infrastructure

Rail network management is anything but simple.

Rail network infrastructure managers are responsible for managing increasingly complex networks composed of an ageing asset base under significant financial pressures. Coupled with uncertainty around future demand scenarios and the challenges of implementing successful maintenance and renewal strategies, network operators across Europe are seeking to better understand the impact of investment and maintenance decisions on their businesses. In the context of a rapidly approaching investment wall, then, the demand for effective asset investment planning is more critical than ever.

Traditional investment planning methods are based on extended intuition, data analytics, or simple silo-centric simulations. These methods, however, cannot handle the increasing complexity and expectations of the modern rail network operating environment. Indeed, research has demonstrated that in complex systems consisting of many interacting agents and composed of heterogeneous parts which are strongly coupled, the emergent behavior at the scale of the whole system cannot be inferred from the behavior of its sub-systems taken separately. Consequently, the only means to understand and optimize decision making in such systems is through a whole-of-enterprise modelling approach.

Cosmo Tech has developed an original model-driven approach to study complex systems. This new approach has been applied to strategic asset investment optimization solution for rail network operators.

This work, conducted in partnership with one of Europe’s largest operators, has led to the development of a solution named Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) for Rail Network Operators.