Yesterday evening Cosmo Tech VP Inbound Marketing Dylan Kissane traveled to Paris to speak at an event focused on ethics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Invited by the event organisers, Braincities, Kissane was one of a number of representatives from French technology firms that shared their thoughts, vision, and concerns about the place of humans in the development and deployment of AI, and the role of ethics in AI systems.

“I adopt a humanist position where the human needs to be at the center of our technological development,” explained Kissane. “Bads things happen when human intelligence and human expertise is removed from technology, and this is why I am so passionate about Cosmo tech’s Augmented Intelligence approach.”

The first speaker of the evening was Ernest Duarte of Paris Learning Geeks who spoke about decentralizing AI research and development by use of the blockchain. He was followed by Thibault Allouard of ADDON acs and Catalin Ciobanu of who, respectively, drew on their experiences in the healthcare and human resources sectors to point to both the promise and potential peril of AI.

Kissane was the next speaker and began with examples of poor ethical outcomes for AI and the typical response from the AI developers in the face of these outcomes. Generally, he argued, developers will point to the fact that their AI was not designed to generate unethical ends. However, by not planning to avoid these ends – that is, by removing the human reason and ethical core from the technology – the outcomes were not only foreseeable but entirely expected.

He explained how Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence approach keeps the human in the development process. While Cosmo Tech’s solutions do include AI and machine learning components, they also encapsulate human intelligence and human expertise, and are validated by human experts from outside of Cosmo Tech before deployment.

“Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence is a combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence,” he explained, “and this ensures that the technology is not left to decide what is right and what is wrong on its own. We help companies make optimal decisions taking into account all of their constraints; we don’t just point to the most economically viable option or try and seek to the decision making power away from our clients.”

The final speakers of the evening were Charles Nespoulous of Chouette and Braincities own Daniel Souza. A lively question and answer session followed before the event closed with a cocktail reception.


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