with Cosmo Tech's Michel Morvan

Is my business complex?

With all the assets, products, consumers, people, and finances to manage, your business is anything but simple. But is it complex?

Complex systems have certain qualities that make them more difficult to manage and optimise than systems that are ‘just’ complicated. Interactions, interdependencies, cascading effects, and impacts on one part of the business from another part of the business you never even knew was connected. A move one way has an effect today, but it might also have an effect a week or a month later that you never anticipated. Your managers do the best they can but even they can’t see far enough into the future to truly understand every effect of all of their decisions.

At Cosmo Tech our software helps decision makers to understand and optimise their complex systems.

In this series of short videos I’ll explain what complex systems are, how we can (and why we should) model those systems, how simulations on those models help drive better decisions, and how Cosmo Tech’s software can give decision makers the long-term strategic outlook that they demand.

The time is ripe to take advantage of complexity, to leverage the complex systems in your business, and create enormous value for your stakeholders. Welcome to complexity – and enjoy!

Michel Morvan
Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Cosmo Tech

Ready to take the next step?

With Augmented Intelligence decision makers can embrace the power of their collective experts, combine it cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, and for the first time understand the impact of all of their choices on an entire complex system.

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