Zendra is a Social Media Marketer at Cosmo Tech. She answered our questions from the headquarters in Lyon, France. 

You’re the social media intern at Cosmo Tech. Have you ever worked in marketing before?

I worked alongside a friend to help him start up his travel shop and blog, where I did all the social media artwork / management, website graphics and design, as well as content management for B2C. When coming to Cosmo Tech, starting with B2B was a challenge, as it was an audience and completely unfamiliar market in which I had no experience. So while I have have done some marketing and the work itself isn’t challenging, it’s the concept and the marketing behind these new domains which is the actual challenge. However, I’ve started to like B2B more than B2C!

I have a diverse background for my studies, as I originally moved from Malaysia to attend the BBA program at CEFAM. Instead of finishing the third year of that program, I decided to transfer to Lyon Catholic University to start my master’s in Business Law, where I am focusing on the energy market. I’m sure I can take what I’m learning at Cosmo Tech and apply it to my future endeavors.


What kind of projects have you been working on?

At the beginning, I thought I would be mostly managing the social media accounts, but I’ve taken on a wide variety of projects! I’ve helped the Sales team with research, I do design work such as graphics for events and our recruitment videos, and I help out the marketing team with various tasks when they need it. Scheduling tweets has now become the smallest part of my workload, and I like that every day is a bit different.

I’ve also been able to suggest projects that I feel would benefit the company. The internship culture at Cosmo Tech is very inclusive; they make you feel like a valued member of the team. My manager has trusted my instincts when suggesting changes or ideas for improvement and has let me set the direction to have it develop.


What’s something you will take away from this internship?

This experience has solidified my original interest in Energy Policy and climate change. Even though I was working in what I thought was a straightforward field, my time at Cosmo Tech has exposed me to a completely new industry (complex systems modeling).

Personally, it has taught me to be a bit more open, the benefits of collaboration, and to have the confidence to initiate new projects and explore things that I’m not necessarily comfortable with.

Additionally, it has really shown me the power of social media, and not just with the younger generation, but with the older as well. Analyzing the metrics has proven the impact it can have. Social media is the next step for businesses, especially for B2B’s. They’re always going to look kind of boring to consumers, because they’re not the intended target, but having a presence on social media changes that. It helps in terms of recruitment and helps people to get to know us.


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