Vincent is a R&D Engineer at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France.
What’s your background and how did you end up at Cosmo Tech?

I have an Engineer’s degree in Computer Science. I studied at EPITA, where I specialized in Cognitive Science and Advance Computer Science. At the end of my studies, I did an internship in the medical field, where I had to enhance a navigation system for orthopedic surgery. It was challenging and inspiring to know I could shape the tools of the near future while also doing some good around me with my skills. After that experience, I searched for those kinds of jobs.

Next, I worked for an airborne systems company with very strict certifications (DO-178B). People’s lives could be endangered if we messed up. I changed my job once again and worked for a company doing large accounting for hotels. There was a ton of data to manage, to clean, and to understand. It was interesting to reach out to the experts and enhance their tools as well as their day-to-day job.

How did I end up at Cosmo Tech? Well, in fact, Cosmo Tech ended up at me. After working at the accounting company, I needed to go back to science. I was hired as an R&D Engineer by ENS and the University of Lyon to help commercialize a research project: CoSMo, as in Complex Systems Modeling.

It was the perfect match! Science, lots of data, high-end technology and my favorite tools. I am employee n°000001. I saw a lot of things and it has always been rich in terms of science, encounters, and learning new things.


What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

I’ve had many jobs here. Most of them, in fact! I have developed graphical interfaces, I have worked on the kernel of our modeling platform, I wrote models, I have been the super admin of all our assets for years, I’ve even suggested domain names to buy to have a better company visibility. I have managed a team, did some scrum, and fought for features. Some years ago, we built a new job with my manager, which was kind of laying there without really being defined: DevOps.

One of the most challenging aspects is adaptation.

Today as DevOps, the real challenge is to reach out. Gathering teams so they work together and understand the difficulties of each other; it’s a matter of cohesion. That’s the way you obtain efficiency and quality.

What’s some advice you could give someone wanting to enter the same field as you?

Be open minded. Don’t be afraid to ask. Learn. And most of all, have fun in what you do, that’s the best part of the job!


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