Thierry de Lumley is Cosmo Tech’s Chief Business Development Officer and responsible for the management of Cosmo Tech’s Application Discovery and Business Development teams.

What does the Application Discovery team do at Cosmo Tech?

The Application Discovery team is the entry point for all new clients seeking to address complex issues related to their business with decision management software.

Within three months  and by adopting an agile approach, we can develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that delivers huge value to the client. Each MVP is based on Cosmo Tech’s modeling and simulation platform and empowers managers to make optimal decisions about their most complex challenges. Combining out software platform and a unique methodology, Cosmo Tech solutions take into account multiple factors and their interconnections in order to anticipate the consequences of the potential choices of the users.

The Application Discovery team is very nimble, very creative, and enjoy taking on the varied challenges that come their way. Because Cosmo Tech can model any complex system, the Application Discovery team has worked with clients in domains as diverse as energy, transport, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals.

How has the business development team worked with partners to deliver value to clients?

A great example of how we have worked with partners to help clients is our collaboration with CGI and a nuclear power generation plant.

As always, we started by understanding the key strategic issues of our customers. Today large companies want to evaluate the impact of their decisions on their business. What’s more, they want to optimize their operational performance to stay ahead of the competition and transform their organization with innovative digital solutions. Knowing this, we identify the principal pain points of the company’s decision makers. Once we have defined these, and after establishing the major issues at stake, we work with our partner to develop the MVP.

The client benefits from this solution, of course, but our partner, CGI, also benefits by being able to offer their client world’s best augmented intelligence technology to help them make optimal decisions. Considered in this way, our partnerships are not so much win-win as they are win-win-win for the client, partner, and Cosmo Tech, too.

What sectors or industries are you most excited about spreading Cosmo Tech solutions to in the months ahead?

One of the key strengths of Cosmo Tech is that our technology is capable of modeling and simulating any complex system. As a result, the horizon for Cosmo Tech solutions is very broad indeed.

If I had to narrow it to only a handful of industries, I would certainly mention the nuclear industry. There is plenty of scope for us to expand out solutions in this domain and we are already seeing interest from clients and partners alike. I would also mention the chemical and petrochemical industries, and the telecommunications sector, too. As we’ve demonstrated already in the rail and utilities sectors, if an industry is complex, highly networked, and asset intensive then Cosmo Tech can deliver real value, and fast.

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