Shanti Mentec is Cosmo Tech‘s Office Manager. She answered our questions from Cosmo Tech’s headquarters in Lyon, France.

You have a pretty unique role at Cosmo Tech – what do you do and what does a typical day look like?

Every day is different. I mean, you can plan all you like but there is always something that will crop up, something that will emerge as important, or someone on the team that has a surprising request. All of this makes for a job without a standard daily routine. Some of the most visible things that I do are making sure that lunches and meals are organised for visitors and working groups, that the office supplies are kept well-stocked, and that all the office vendors are managed effectively. In reality, though, this is really just the smallest part of my job.

The bigger and, I think, more important part of my work at Cosmo Tech can be divided into three areas.

There’s the internal life and human side of Cosmo Tech that I look after. I take care of people, help organise the work, keep the workplace safe, clean, comfortable, and healthy. I help keep motivation high, keep people focused on company values, and help teams work on rules they can live by to make communication easier and life better for everyone in the office. I also play a listening role so, if anyone ever has a problem, they know they can come and talk with me, find a sympathetic ear, and then return to work in better spirits having talked things out with me.

Then there’s also the internal communications. One of the most important factors in the success of a business is the alignment of the entire team to the same goals and having them move in the same direction. What drives this alignment is communication and an important part of my job is making sure that teams are informed about the progress of other teams towards company goals. This internal communication is also a great way to ensure that the company spirit is shared across the various teams.

Finally there’s the organisation of events. I make sure that when customers arrive at Cosmo Tech they are greeted professionally but I also work hard to organise meetings within the company, too. The all-employee meetings we host are important moments in the life of Cosmo Tech and it is important that everyone on the team can take full advantage of these moments. Whether for external visitors of internal meetings, I like the organisation to be so smooth that people can just work – the goal is to allow them to make they most of their time without having to think about all of the work required to make that possible.

More and more companies are investing in ‘happiness managers’. What are the benefits for the company and the employees?

The role of the happiness manager is to make the lives of the team a little easier. They are they for any person in the organisation: employee, manager, even the CEO! They take on a lot of different roles and a lot of different tasks so that the team doesn’t lose time attending to small but time-consuming tasks. All of this means that the performance and productivity of the team improves, people are happier to come to work in a nice environment every day, and they feel comfortable being in the workplace.

What events are coming up at Cosmo Tech that have you excited right now?

There are a few different things that I’m excited about right now. After the vacation period, for example, we’ll recommence our regular sessions with the student osteopaths who visit each month to offer free sessions for Cosmonauts.

Another thing I’m looking forward to coordinating is a health week. It’s going to be a full week where we’ll focus on teaching Cosmonauts how to improve they health by prioritising exercise and sports, enjoying healthy food, and preventing illnesses.

We’ll also be having an all-hands meeting when the team is back from vacation. This will be a chance for everyone to share news and ideas that have emerged over the last few months, prepare and motivate each other for the work to come, and just spend some time together as an entire team before the big push through the third quarter and to the end of the year.

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