What’s your background and how did you end up at Cosmo Tech?


Originally from the United States, I have a B.A. from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Media and Communications Studies with a minor in Foreign Language and Culture. After working a bit in communications in Washington, D.C., I decided to come to France for my graduate studies and earned my Master of Science in Marketing at Montpellier Business School. Knowing that I wanted to stay in France, I did my end-of-degree internship at a small technology start up in Montpellier. When looking for a job, I saw Cosmo Tech’s posting and I thought “That’s exactly what I want to do!” I was actually in Portugal when I got the call saying they wanted to hire me, so it made for a great surprise on my trip!


What’s the most interesting part of your job?


One thing I really like about my job is that there is a lot of variation with my projects. I write blogs, help create communication supports, and even do some light translating. I work with the different teams to help them create whatever it is they need. I also get to work on all the solutions, not just one, which helps me learn the ins-and-outs of what we do at Cosmo Tech.


It’s also really nice to work in a company with so many nationalities! You get to hear lots of stories from around the world, and I love learning about different cultures. It’s great being able to speak and improve my French with colleagues, but also fun to encourage them to speak with me in English, too.


The last thing I really like is how active Cosmo Tech is in Lyon. I recently gave blood for the first time with some of my colleagues, and a handful of us participated in “Action Contre la Faim” (Action Against Hunger) at the end of June.


Any plans to move back to the United States?


Not anytime soon! I’m very happy here in Lyon and I’m excited to see how Cosmo Tech and the Marketing team will evolve in the next few years. I also would like to try living in another country for some time before I go back to Maryland – but don’t tell my mom that!





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