Régis works in IT / DevOps at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France.

What is your role here at Cosmo Tech and what does it entail?

While working on my Computer Science degree from Isitech in Lyon, I joined Cosmo Tech in 2012 on a work-study program. Originally, when I arrived, there were only two people on the IT team and I was 100% IT, but now I work in both IT and DevOps. One thing I like about working in both IT and DevOps is that each day is different, depending on what needs to get done. Sometimes it’s something simple such as helping another colleague with the printer, other times it’s a bigger problem that takes some time to understand the root and find the solution. I do everything from sorting out all the technology for new Cosmonauts to writing code to help automate operations and help teams with client projects.


What’s the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part is that you can’t master when something is going to stop working. Sometimes, we’ll arrive in the morning and there was an outage overnight. Even the smallest thing can set off a chain reaction, and you can never predict what it will be or when it will happen. We have to prioritize our tasks based on the level of urgency. We are sort of like the defibrillators of Cosmo Tech – we help keep us alive!

However, one of the great things is that there are several resources available to help us find solutions, notably on developer forums. The online community is very active and you can usually find the answers to your problems with some digging. Sometimes you’ll find the exact problem you have, which is great until you realize it was you who originally posted it.


What is some advice you’d give for people seeking IT help?

In an ideal world, everything would work all the time. That’s not the case though, so don’t be scared to approach us with your problems. We smile because accidents happen to everyone, so it’s never annoying when you come to us with a “basic” problem. However, we have a saying in IT, “We are scientists, not magicians!” [Nous sommes des informaticiens, pas des magiciens.] We can’t always magically fix the problem immediately; sometimes even we have to Google it. Being in IT means that we are constantly learning new technology ourselves, so don’t get frustrated if we can’t fix the problem right away.


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