Michelle Alonda is a Technology Marketer at Cosmo Tech. She answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France.

What is your role at Cosmo Tech and what does a typical day look like for you?

I prefer to talk about a typical month. For me, a typical month can be split in 3 parts:

Technical side: What I probably spend most of my time doing is creating proof of concept – what we call “demos” – according to customer requests coming from either our Sales or Business Development teams. After the demos are validated, I create training sessions for our sales representatives. They will use these demos to show customers what the added value of our product is. I believe in continuous improvement, so these demos and trainings can always be upgraded. I keep track of new versions of our product and make technical changes to upgrade existing demos or recreate them to include new release aspects.

Marketing side: I create content for demo workshops such as slide decks, storytelling, and videos. I develop marketing intelligence by researching information around our topic (decision management software) and from feedback on our content, such as how people react to it.

Exhibition side: I watch the sales representatives when they are showing demos to prospective clients. I then discuss “pain points” or difficulties with the prospects to see if they’re in line with the demo and use their answers to refine my analysis. In doing this, I can either improve or create new demos to help reach client needs.

Every day I wake up and I have punch because I know that I will work on a something new. In fact, our innovative technology can represent and simulate several domains (energy, gas, water, transport, etc). I make demos of these different domains and I address different circumstances and pain points. I need to adapt my thinking and my approach to the domain I am facing and that is fantastic! 

How often do you interact with other teams?

I work with various departments within the company at least once per day: Product Development, DevOps teams, Project Managers, etc. For example, when I work with the Product Development team, it is to understand the technical improvements that have been made to the software, which is especially important when creating demos. I need to understand how the software works so I can not only create informative demos, but to help teach it to sales representatives and project managers.

Working with all these teams allows me to correctly market the software and demos for the customers. When looking at the demos, I want them to be able to see themselves using our platform. 

What’s something you’re looking forward to at Cosmo Tech in the coming months?

We have a lot of projects in progress, so I am waiting for feedback from Project Managers to develop more and more proof of concept for our innovative technology. The Cosmo Tech platform helps asset managers address their pain points by simulating real “what-if” scenarios. I can use these proposed scenarios to help create demos that will interest our prospective clients.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to constantly improving our product. The teams I work with are all passionate and have innovative ideas. I am very excited to see what amazing results they will bring.

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