Mathilde Souprayen is an R&D Engineer at Cosmo Tech. She answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France.


You’re fairly new here at Cosmo Tech. What attracted you to the company?


What really attracted me the most when I first discovered Cosmo Tech was the content of the job. I was looking for a place where I could put my skills in mathematical and numerical modelling to the test, especially on interesting subjects! Before I heard about Cosmo Tech, most of the companies that were interested in my profile were in the big data or data mining industries, and I had the feeling that working in those fields would “keep me away from the reality”. I wanted to model systems while being close to the experts and at the interface between many diverse disciplines. I wanted not only to manipulate and work on complex data, but also to deeply and truly understand what I was working on.


What are your first impressions of working at a small company like Cosmo Tech as opposed to a big company?


What strikes me most is that Comso Tech is a quite young and very dynamic company. Every employee seems to have a certain spirit of always looking for things to learn, to deepen their knowledge and understanding on various subjects. I also like the current size of the company. You can get to know everyone within a few weeks of arriving, but there is still a large range of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Every employee is valued here for the unique look they bring to their projects, and that is something that I really like. There are also multiple nationalities, which makes for interesting conversations and wonderful stories.


What’s something you’re looking forward to learning or doing?


Currently, I am working on a project (mostly by myself but with a little help when needed!), and after that I am looking forward to working with the Customer Product Delivery team. I am sure that I will have new things to learn, while still using my modelling background. I have always liked team work, where all members have a role, share ideas and advice with each other, battle it out during tough times, and celebrate achievements together. That’s what is great about working at a startup, I already feel like a welcomed addition to the team.


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