Margaret is an R&D engineer at Cosmo Tech, leading Cosmo Tech’s participation in a European center of excellence. She answered our questions from the headquarters in Lyon, France.

How did you come to work at Cosmo Tech and what’s your role?

I completed my PhD on the benefit of associating different modeling approaches in a lab studying complex systems and Cosmo Tech stood out to me for their ability to model and simulate any kind of complex system, setting them at the forefront to tackle scientific challenges.

My job is to represent Cosmo Tech at the European-funded research Center of Excellence for Global Systems Science (CoeGSS). The CoeGSS collaborates with research institutions all over Europe as well as businesses and NGO’s. Participating in this Center of Excellence gives Cosmo Tech networking opportunities in European research while being a showcase of academic excellence. The center tackles tomorrow’s challenges – linked to the city concerning our participation – by investigating how simulating and analyzing global system science (GSS) models can benefit from the resources of high performance computing centers (HPC). We highlight how a complex systems approach can prove essential to simulate the city.

What’s the biggest challenge that comes with your job?

My biggest challenge is to valorize the research activity of CoeGSS in Cosmo Tech’s evolving strategy.

Firstly, the project we are working on highlights the benefits of complex systems over the development of a city model – an application field of interest to Cosmo Tech – while studying the influence of data and agent granularity.

Secondly, complex models benefit from approaches to clarify the complexity of results – particularly to non-specialist customers. In this project I have both refined insights by computing various kinds of analytics, and provided high-level views, such as maps of possible resiliency.

Thirdly, CoeGSS tackles the challenge of high computational needs of GSS models, such as the ones met in some of our customer projects (AIO), while following other paths.

 What’s something you’re looking forward to at Cosmo Tech in the coming months?

I’m looking forward to helping transform the Center of Excellence to tackle new European challenges.

I’ve previously worked in other startups with many different perspectives (who have all succeeded!), but rarely, I think, one as promising as Cosmo Tech, offering the possibility to model and simulate any complex system.

Complex systems remain at the forefront of scientific research and are becoming more precious every day, helping us understand an always more highly-interconnected, interdependent, and complex world. I’m looking forward to seeing how the company will meet the new challenges of the future.


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