Maeva is a Talent Recruiter at Cosmo Tech. She answered our questions from the headquarters in Lyon, France. 


What is your role here at Cosmo Tech?

I work in the Admin and Finance department as a Talent Recruiter. Talent Recruiters often get mistaken as HR, and while we do work together, we are different. HR is here to guarantee the good fit between the strategic leadership of the company and their current employees, while Talent Recruiters are the ones looking for future employees. Talent Recruiters are also considered as the “cheerleaders” of their companies. I try to make our company attractive to outside hires by showing the work we do, the overall workplace environment, and the specifics of the job. I have to be transparent – about both the positive and the negative things. Currently, I’m setting up a new Applicant Tracking System that will help us be able to find and manage all the applicants that we have.



What’s your favorite part of your job?

I’m a people person, so I enjoy meeting every candidate, making them feel comfortable, and hearing their stories from all over the world. Everyone brings such different experiences and skills, and I have to find a link between what they know how to do and how they would fit into the company.

I also enjoy the fact that I have the opportunity to work with all the teams. In order to find good candidates, I have to really understand the needs of the team and what exactly they are looking for. I then write the job postings based on what they tell me. It’s great because it shows how Cosmo Tech is a really collaborative workplace.

The worst, however, is when we find a great candidate, but we don’t have anything to offer them. That’s always a shame when you are unable to hire someone you think would be a good fit.



What is something you would say to potential applicants?

The best advice I could give to potential applicants applying for any job is to be authentic. We can tell right away when someone is not genuine. We search for candidates who hold our four core values: Enthusiasm, Excellence, Team Spirit, and Pioneer Spirit.

Additionally, make sure you do your research on the company and our projects. While what we do looks complicated and scary, you don’t have to be afraid of what we are doing. When you put everyone and their different competencies together, you understand how we can make such a complex system work. Everyone is proud of what we are doing together and that is important when you want to be a part of a company. Your passion shows through and makes it a pleasant working environment for everyone.


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