Kevin Yilmaz is a Finance and Administration Accountant at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France. 

What attracted you to working in the technology sector?

I was attracted to the technology sector because of its innovative side and its current wave going through the whole world. Previously, I worked in the Water sector, and it was an opportunity for me to change fields and learn new things. What also attracted me was the challenge of proposing our various services to our current and potential clients, adapting our offers to each of their individual needs.

What’s it like working for a startup, as opposed to a large company?

Working for a startup is like working within a community. We work in a dynamic environment composed of talented, young professionals and the startup spirit is very present. The rules and procedures are generally relatively flexible, which allows everyone to feel better and to work without stress. I think that it also gives us an opportunity to develop creativity and the capacity to handle any difficulties we might encounter. Our personal contribution certainly has a more direct impact on the evolution of the company. All of these elements aren’t as well received in big companies because, after reaching a certain size, the companies must sometimes put in place heavy rules and procedures, which can help manage the daily life of the employees at the company but are somewhat restrictive.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific favorite thing but one part I do like is having the ability to interact with different coworkers on what they’re doing. Whenever they encounter any administrative difficulties, the Admin team is here to help guide them and find a solution.

Outside of that, the majority of my work is around managing financial tasks, under the supervision of my manager. The analysis of accounting data allows us to better prepare for tomorrow, and to anticipate for future financial challenges. It is also a pleasure to see a startup grow and skyrocket, especially knowing I was a part of that!

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