Jeremy is a Software Engineer at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from the headquarters in Lyon, France. 


What team do you work on and what’s your role at Cosmo Tech?

I work on the App Generator team as a Software Engineer. Computer Science is a very broad field, therefore it can be difficult to explain exactly what I do. I work with several teams, such as CSS and QA to help develop and test features that our clients want. Our work starts from the conceptual model all the way to the final application. Based on the conceptual model, we generate everything usable by the customer : it could be just a specific API (Application Programming Interface) or a complete application with a frontend.



What is a typical day like for you?

The mornings always start off the same, where we have short meetings to discuss what we have accomplished from the day before and what we need to do on that day. Tasks are prioritized according to urgency and functionality.

The process we follow over the course of several days is fairly straightforward. Our work is always based off of needs from the clients. After understanding these needs, we discuss with the product owner about the delivery, such as objectives and deadlines. Then, we develop the feature and send it to QA, who tests it and sends us feedback. Finally, if everything has been approved, we return it back to the Delivery team and they will bring it to the client.



What’s the hardest part about your job?

I think the most difficult part is having people understand what we as Software Engineers and Cosmo Tech do. Most people assume that I can fix their computer if it’s broken but that’s not actually my domain. Even for other Software Engineers or other Cosmonauts, it’s tricky to explain to them if they have not worked in the same field or have experience in the same sector. We need the marketing team to help us come up with a pitch to easily clarify who we are and what we do!

Although our work can be challenging, it’s a good challenge. I like to consider ourselves as craftsmen, as we are creating something. Even if it is just lines of code and even if the server crashes and it doesn’t work sometimes, the fact that we can imagine something and then create it is rewarding.



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