Jean-Sebastien Genot is Cosmo Tech’s Lead Model. He answered our questions from his base in Lyon, France.

How did you come to work at Cosmo Tech, and what attracted you in the first place?

I was  working in the nuclear energy industry where lifecycles for the critical infrastructure are long, usually about 60 years or so. This means that the decisions that people make have impacts not only immediately but well into the future, usually long after that decision maker has retired. The importance of getting that decision right cannot be understated, and I was always interested in identifying ways to make those decisions and be sure they are optimal.

Though I arrived at Cosmo Tech only this year, I first heard about the company back in 2014. Even then I was attracted to the startup’s concept, its international focus, and the scientific challenges it had set for itself. I realized that this was no flash-in-the-pan startup when I saw the collaboration between the French electricity transmission system operator, RTE. With such a big name in industry supporting Cosmo Tech, I knew they were onto something, and I applied.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different but there are probably three areas where I spend most of my time each day.

Firstly, I prepare the company’s technical proposals and then present these proposals to customers. It’s very important that these proposals are not only technically correct but also aligned with our commercial strategy, too. It involves working with different teams and getting lots of feedback from others on the Cosmo Tech team to make sure that the presentation and proposal I make is the best and most accurate possible.

Second, I work with the technical team and applications team on our model development strategy. The models we use at Cosmo Tech are one of the keys to our decision management software and central to our Augmented Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure solutions. Ensuring we have the right models and that we are building the sorts of models that our clients need to make optimal decisions is an important part of my work.

Thirdly, I play a role in developing new features for our software and in the quality-control of the models we build. To be clear, I am not the one who is responsible for the actual coding of the features or the development of a model from scratch. However, I play a part in helping bring new features to our applications and especially in ensuring that the models we create are the best they can be.

What do clients get most excited about when you present Cosmo Tech software to them?

I think there are four things that clients tend to mention more than anything else. To start with, there’s our expertise in modeling and complex systems and our background in working with some of the biggest companies in the world. There’s also our flexibility and responsiveness both of which, I believe, flow from our lean and agile development methodologies. I’m a technical guy so I am always happy when clients get excited about the technical side of our products. However, I think that the most exciting thing about our software from the client’s perspective is its power. When you offer a decision maker an opportunity to gain accurate insight on the impact of their decisions five, ten, twenty, even fifty years into the future – and when you can demonstrate that these insights are reliable and accurate – that almost never fails to get a client excited.

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