Guillaume is on the Quality Assurance team at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France. 


What’s your background and how did you end up at Cosmo Tech?

I’m slightly atypical for QA concerning my education because I have a BTS in Communication and a License in Event Management from the Institut Jeanne Perrimond in Marseille. After spending some time working with Comic Con Paris, I decided to reorient myself towards web development. I had a few internships where I worked on managing websites until I decided to move to Lyon in November 2017. From there, I found the QA internship at Cosmo Tech and I was hired afterwards to join the QA team.

What does the QA team do, exactly?

Most people think QA just sits and clicks through applications to make sure they work, but we are much more than that. Nothing is done haphazardly. We work with the other teams (such as Product Delivery or Product Development) when they need to verify that the product respects client’s expectations before sending it to them. There are a number of tests that we conduct, and the test campaigns we run can take anywhere up to a week to fully complete, depending on what we have to check, the amount of tests we need to run, and how many QA members are working on it. It also depends on how many bugs are present and if they are small (a typo) or larger, blocker bugs, which can slow down the campaign.

If I had to describe us, I would say that we are like the doctors of the Cosmo Tech team. We are the ones that you come see when you don’t know if you are sick or not, we check you over, and we say whether or not you can go to work. We’re here to help the teams, not just here to point out bugs or mistakes.

What is your role ?

Specifically, my role within the QA team is to develop and maintain automatic tests that we can run for our applications. Having these automatic tests allows us to run though checks faster, because we ensure the automation works in finding problems. I have created several automatic tests for AIO and some of our other solutions which help grow the campaign perimeters. For example, out of 700 tests that we use when checking our solutions, roughly 170 of them have now been automated. It’s gratifying to see your work being used by other teams. These automatic tests help provide fast and reliable results, which is very helpful for the other QA members. We prefer to take more time running one test than to speed things up and risk missing something important.

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