Thomas Lacroix is the CTO of Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France from where he leads the Cosmo Tech technology teams.

Is there such a thing as a typical day for a CTO in a startup?

Being a CTO in a startup means dealing with a constant flow of topics, ideas, challenges, and demands. As a result, there is not really a standard daily routine, but there are some things that I deal with regularly and that might be described as typical challenges for someone in my role.

Of course, a big part of my job is ensuring that the entire technology team is aligned with the goals and ambitions of the company as a whole. It’s important that focus on creating value for our customers but also for the company at the same time. I have a big hand in co-creating the strategic vision of the company and then translating that for my team, ensuring it is understood, and helping put the actions in place on the technology side to take that strategic vision and make it real.

Outside of the technology team, another big part of my job involves working transversally with other teams at Cosmo Tech. I’ll work on product strategy with the executive team, offer support to the sales team, give feedback to the marketing team, and coordinate interactions between different arms of the business. All of this means that, as well as taking the lead in matters relating to the companies core technology, the CTO also needs to deploy their interpersonal skills on a daily basis, too.

The technology team at Cosmo Tech is incredibly diverse – what’s the benefit of drawing together such an international team?

Any team will encounter challenges and face problems in the course of building a world-class technology. Addressing those challenges and solving these problems is almost always possible but the process of finding those solutions can be improved by thinking about the problem in different ways. The first key benefit of having a diverse team, then, is that you automatically get a broader range of thinking and a wider array of approaches to solving difficult problems.

Additionally, there are big benefits that flow to a company that can pull together people with different backgrounds, different professional experiences, and who were educated in different universities, even different countries. The benefits derive from the fact that people with different backgrounds think differently, respond to different problems in unique ways, and complement the work of others on the team by helping everyone see a topic from a variety of perspectives. When it comes to our customers, this diversity means we are able to serve them and meet their needs in ways that other, less-diverse teams cannot.

What are you most looking forward to shipping in the coming months at Cosmo Tech?

In the months ahead we’ll be shipping our applications to an increasing number of customers in a variety of sectors. Bringing a new customer onto our platform is always exciting and the first time a customer uses our software is always a great day for the team that has worked so hard to prepare the application for deployment.

I’m also excited that, as well as deploying our applications, more and more of our customers are considering using Cosmo Tech’s industry-validated technology as a core element of their decision making process. Instead of a small pilot project or an application developed for just one part of the company, these deployments are going to be at a far larger scale. It’s satisfying and exciting to see the technology that I know so well impacting so positively on companies seeking optimal decisions in their complex industrial environments.

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