Mathilde Emery-Roch is Cosmo Tech’s Documentation Manager. She answered our questions from her office in Lyon, France.

How did you come to work at Cosmo Tech, and what attracted you in the first place?

After more than ten years as a Documentation Manager at a software provider for financial institutions I was ready for a change. I saw an advertisement online for Cosmo Tech, applied, and was happy to find my way into the Cosmonaut family soon after. I was attracted to Cosmo Tech because of the diversity of the industries they worked with, the complexity of each client’s activity, and above all the solutions that Cosmo Tech offers them to help take optimal business decisions. In the first weeks after I arrived I was astonished not only by the concentration of brainpower in the Cosmo Tech office but by the human intelligence shared by all Cosmonauts. There’s a great emphasis on wellness at work and the warm welcome of my colleagues made me comfortable from the first moment I walked in the door. All these reasons make every day an intellectual challenge in terms of learning and understanding, and it is far from the everyday working life.

What does a typical day look like for you?

For me, a typical day is split between conceiving of and writing documents about our products and asking questions of my colleagues who are almost always available to help me. I really appreciate the help getting me “unblocked” despite the fact everyone’s calendar is so full of their own priorities. I work mainly on documents that present our products and respond to common questions we have encountered during various Request for Proposals (RFP) phases. It’s exciting for me as I’ve never had the chance to write that type of documents before. After my priorities in terms of documentation have been completed, I’ll work in collaboration with modelers and the product owners on building out an Expert Guide to our Asset Investment Optimization solution. The great thing of my job at Cosmo Tech is that I can work  with a lot of people from different backgrounds all on the same day. I find myself working closely with an intern one minute, the CEO the next, and then with technical experts, project managers, the sales team, and right through to the company’s executives. This variety and diversity is what makes the work day at Cosmo Tech fly, and why its such good fun to arrive in the office each morning.

What sorts of skills and personal qualities make someone a strong Documentation Manager?

A strong documentation manager is a mix of both professional skills and some personal qualities.

On the skills side there must be a strong grasp of effective written communication in English and in French. They need to be able to understand complex concepts and translate those concepts into clearly explained documents. They need to be a fast learner, be able to manage multiple writing projects simultaneously, and they should have good personal and team management skills.

Personally, they need to be good at communicating verbally os as to share information and extract answers from the people whose knowledge they rely on. They should be adaptable and be able to work with different teams, different personality types, and in different environments. They should be curious, empathetic, and have a well-developed notion of personal diplomacy. Last but not least, they should have a good sense of humour!

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