Dylan Kissane is the Director Marketing at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from his base in Lyon, France, where he directs the marketing team.

What is a typical day like for Cosmo Tech’s Director of Marketing?

Cosmo Tech is a global technology company with offices in Europe and the US. This means that – day or night – there is always something happening in the company so no matter how early I start my day, there’s always a question to answer, an email to follow up, or some social media to push to our networks. Generally I’ll start my day at home each morning by posting to our Instagram feed and triaging the email that has come in overnight. When I get into the office (I am most productive in the morning and like to get in early) I work through anything urgent I flagged in my inbox and then get to work on content creation. I’ll take meetings with the marketing team and with the executive team in the morning, and usually I’ll be in close contact with the sales team, too. After a break at midday – I sometimes try and fit in a run at lunch if I didn’t exercise before work – I’ll have meetings in the afternoon, work with various teams on different marketing projects, and then start connecting with our US-based team members and our public relations agency in San Francisco as the day closes down. Occasionally I’ll take meetings later in the evening, too, when working with the US teams as keeping everyone connected when there is a 9 hour time difference sometimes calls for some odd hours.

You mentioned running – is this a popular hobby among Cosmonauts?

I wouldn’t say it is really popular but there is a good group of both social and serious runners here at the company. Cosmo Tech really encourages health and fitness in the office and has made exercise generally, and running specifically, important to what it means to be a Cosmonaut. There are weekly deliveries of fresh fruit to office, plenty of space to store and prepare food at the office and so avoid the temptation of fast food, and there’s a shower and a changing room so people who exercise before work or at lunchtime can freshen up before getting back to work. Almost every day there are people heading out to practice their indoor climbing, run a few miles along the river, and with the good weather right now there’s also a growing group of bicycle commuters, too.

When it comes to running specifically Cosmo Tech recently entered dozens of runners and walkers in the Challenge Contre la Faim and, two months from today, a group of Cosmonauts will be taking on the annual Run in Lyon event. Cosmonauts will compete over the 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon distances and, if it’s anything like last year, then there’ll be Cosmonauts on the side of the course cheering them on, too. I wasn’t able to fit the Run in Lyon race into my schedule last year and cheered on the runners instead, but this year I’ll be proud to take my place on the start line with my Cosmo Tech teammates.

Your background is not typical for a marketer – what drew you to Cosmo Tech?

I would say it is “atypically typical”. The standard trajectory for a marketer would be to get a degree in the field, work an internship, and then work their way up from an entry-level position to a more strategic position in the company. The core skills of a marketer today, though, are fairly transferable: effective communication, great copywriting, an eye for design, an understanding of the sales process, and experience using digital and social media marketing tools. I had developed these skills and others in my previous roles in the retail, education, and B2B sectors, and on top of this I bought management and strategic planning experience, too. In other words, I had all the skills of a typical marketing manager but developed in a less-than-typical fashion.

More than that, though, my studies had actually prepared me somewhat for Cosmo Tech. My doctoral research was in complex systems and applications of complex science in international relations. When I arrived at Cosmo Tech I had to learn the product but I already had a lot of the vocabulary and concepts down pat from my own research projects. This made integrating with the team here easier and allowed me to hit the ground running, so to speak. I was able to join others who had studied complexity in networks, computer systems, biological systems, social systems and more and start telling their diverse stories which, even today, remain fascinating to me and a real strength of a diverse company like Cosmo Tech.

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