Cyril is an R&D Engineer at Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France.


What’s your background and how did you end up at Cosmo Tech?


My background is in modeling applied to energy infrastructure where I started in gas and electricity industries. I have always been interested in the energy context (efficiency, demand side management, renewables, power adequacy) and numerical simulation. During my PhD, I developed a method to study gas and electricity interaction with combined systems for investment decision making. Then, I spent a few years as a Smart Grid engineer, addressing issues of the future energy system, which was a very interesting position. I realized how complex the issues were and how big the problems were to solve. In the meanwhile, I was interested in tool development, and realized I needed answers on how to build and deliver systemic models. So, I took the opportunity to join Cosmo Tech, a place mixing complexity and energy infrastructure issues.


What are some challenging aspects of your job?


The most challenging aspect is handling all the complexity loaded in the model, in order to deliver valuable outputs. By definition, a model is always wrong, and it relies on assumptions, so we have to keep in mind the validity of our approach and ensure consistency and clarity. To bridge that gap, Cosmo Tech develops very useful features for parameter uncertainty evaluation. For instance, we can easily observe the effect of uncertain failure rates on TOTEX and monetized risk. These features help users make robust decisions by allowing them to holistically view their systems.


Another challenging aspect is to be well aware of customer issues so that our solution fits their challenges. Internal customer processes and views vary from one to another, which makes it interesting to understand their context and their challenges.


What advice do you have for someone looking to enter the same field as you?


I would say: be precise and creative! Precise because a macro view is sometimes not enough, you need to grab all the details. Creative because you need to imagine smart solutions and that is the fun part: finding the best and easiest way to solve issues.




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