Bertrand Moreau is the Modeling Team Manager on the Application Discovery team. He answered our questions from Cosmo Tech‘s headquarters in Lyon, France.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s tough to define a typical day because working in a startup means every day is unique.

My primary concern is to ensure that every Application Discovery project is properly resourced in terms of tools, people, and skills, and this means I move around a lot between teams and tasks. A big part of my job is the management of my team, and that includes everything from tracking ongoing projects and meeting with project managers to integrating new team members into the Application Discovery environment and maintaining a healthy and motivating work environment. I’m constantly communicating with my team, with clients, with other teams at Cosmo Tech, and assisting the Sales team with the technical knowledge that they need to connect with customers.

Then there’s the technical side of things. Complex systems modeling is at the heart of the Cosmo Tech platform and I help people where there are modeling issues. I also have the responsibility of formalising and reporting the different use cases that we develop for the CSS platform, and for keeping our toolchain updated. It’s a challenging and dynamic working environment and the fact that no two days are ever exactly the same makes it exciting to head into the office every morning.

What sort of qualities do you look for in an Application Discovery team member?

The Application Discovery team welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds but there are a couple of things that they all have in common. No matter what they have studied or where they have worked before, there is a common thirst for knowledge and a real appetite for the unknown. Of course, they have to have high-level technical skills and experience in modeling, but there’s more to being a good fit than just having the technical skills. For example, because we have regular and close contact with customers team members need to have good social and communication skills. I’m also looking for people who are quick learners, the sort of teammate that can quickly grasp a subject, ask the right questions, and get their head around a subject fast. We work on so many different projects and for so many different customers that being able to pivot to a new project and a new client fast is essential. Finally, I think I’m always looking for teammates who have a good sense of humour and who can help contribute to the special culture we’ve built on the Application Discovery team.

What are you most looking forward to shipping in the months ahead?

It’s a little difficult to talk about specific projects because a lot of the work that we do is ‘commercial in confidence’. However, we have a couple of big projects we’ll be delivering before the end of the year that I am really excited about. One is a tool for optimizing emergency management plans for critical infrastructure. The other is an application for heavy industry, specifically production campaigns, that we are working on with one of the market leaders in the domain. It’s a great feeling to watch projects like these come to fruition and I really enjoy celebrating that success with the whole Application Discovery team.

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