Anaelle is a User Experience Designer at Cosmo Tech. She answered our questions from the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France. 


What is your background and how did you end up at Cosmo Tech?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics for Social Sciences, which highlights math and computer science, and during my studies I discovered Cognitive Sciences, which is a discipline focused on humans and their cognitive function throughout different areas, which I found very interesting. Stemming from this newfound interest, I completed my master’s degree in Cognitive Science and Digital Media. During this program I discovered the world of UX Design, which is the creation of interfaces adapted specifically for man. This makes it possible to link ergonomics (and therefore cognitive sciences) but also design.

In order to validate my Master, I had to complete a 6-month internship, which is when I found Cosmo Tech. They hired me as an intern for UX Design and, fortunately, I was able to remain after my internship was over.


What is your work process like?

To begin, my work starts with the needs of clients, and, more precisely, the needs of users who will be using our future product. I gather information about what they want to do with the product and why it is useful for them in order to determine which features will be made available and how it will be presented. From all of their recommendations, I will get a first idea of the product interface (which are web applications here at Cosmo Tech). I can also complete and enrich my ideas by searching the Internet for things that have already been done and that I feel are appropriate.

Next, I start designing solutions (models) – often starting on paper and then in our design software (Sketch) – in order to present them to users (clients) and have their feedback to improve them.

Once all of this is validated, the mock ups will be developed by the Front-End Developers. To achieve the desired results, we have to work together. Once the product is created and delivered, I remain available to the customer for support, in order to fix anything and continue adapting the product so the user experience is as enjoyable as possible. I also have to think about how to integrate the new features into the applications already developed. So, it’s rarely over!


What’s something you are looking forward to in the coming months?

For starters, summer and the sun!

It’s always a pleasure to design new interfaces and to have new challenges in order to satisfy the users, all while doing something that remains feasible from a technical standpoint. A major project is also on the horizon for one of our flagship products concerning the interface, and I am looking forward to taking part and seeing its development. Additionally, there are internal tools (like the studio), intended for our developers, which are always in the process of being improved in terms of their interface. They’re not quite the same users I’m used to working with, but the stakes remain just as high!


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