Amélie Véron is a Pilot to Product Transfer Manager at Cosmo Tech. She answered our questions from her base in Lyon, France.

What is your role at Cosmo Tech and what does a typical day look like for you?

My official title is Pilot to Product Transfer Manager. My job is to lead the team in charge of transforming a demonstration application (the pilot) into an industrial application (the product). Currently my team is working on a project in the urban rail and energy sector so my role right now is something like a Project Manager for Smart Urban Rail & Energy (SURE).

I don’t know if there is really a typical day in a startup but we do start each day with a daily meeting for the whole SURE team. We meet near a large whiteboard we use to track milestones and tasks and discuss what we completed the previous day, where potential difficulties might lie, what successes we’ve achieved or will achieve soon, and identify key tasks and goals for the day to come. We help each other, make sure that there are mitigation plans in case things run over time or budget, and the team leaves that meeting not only knowing what they will do that day but also how it will contribute to the wider project.

A lot of our time right now is spent working with the client to better understand the inner workings of an automated, electric subway line. We not only have to understand how these lines work in theory and in practice, but also work to encapsulate that information and the expert knowledge of the client into an application.

On top of that, well, it’s a whirlwind of technical meetings with my team or with clients, organisational and transversal meetings with other teams at Cosmo Tech, preparing documents for review, and planning the next sprint for the Smart Urban Rail and Energy team.

What is the best thing about working on the Application Discovery team?

I really like the vibe in our open space office – it’s a great combination of the studious or serious, and the fun. We have a rather odd standing tradition of having a ‘crazy moment’ at 5:00pm each day, though sometimes the ‘5:00pm crazy’ arrives a couple of minutes early. Something else I like is that we are a very client-focused team and that shines through in the interactions that the team has with each other, with other teams at Cosmo Tech, and with clients. The whole team is committed to doing their best to deliver value for the clients. Finally I have to mention that the range of projects in the Application Discovery team is broad. There are Cosmonauts working on heavy industry, urban planning, biology and life science, and of course rail and energy. It’s always interesting to learn what others are working on.

Your team is pretty diverse – do you think that this has any impact on their work?

Compared to a typical engineering team in a software company we are really diverse. My team is drawn from a variety of scientific and professional backgrounds which means that there are a variety of strengths and experiences upon which we can draw. Because delivering every project demands a real team effort, we depend on each other and take advantage of those strengths and experiences to create a whole that is more effective than the sum of its parts. Our diversity and the variety of skills that we can draw on helps make us a true team and not simply co-workers aligned on a task but in separate silos.

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