Cosmo Tech’s Chief Technology Officer Thomas Lacroix will be attending CIRED in Madrid, Spain.

Spanning from 3 – 6 June, CIRED (International Conference on Electricity Distribution) is the leading forum where the electricity distribution community meets for the major International Electricity Conference & Exhibition. CIRED works for the purpose of increasing the business relevant competencies, skills and knowledge of those who see themselves as part of the electricity distribution community, whether they are from the utility, product, consultancy, service, business or academic sector. CIRED is dedicated to the design, construction and operation of public distribution systems and of large installations using electrical energy in industry, services and transport.

Participation in CIRED offers the opportunity to meeting with up to 2000 experts and attendees benefit from face-to-face interaction with key decision leaders int he field of electricity distribution (DSOs). For the 25th edition, the technical content of CIRED is mainly based on six sessions: Network Components; Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility: Operation, Control and Protection; Distributed Energy Resources and Active Demand Integration; Planning of Power Distribution Systems; and Challenges of DSO Regulation and Competitive Market. Alongside keynotes, the conference also offers roundtable discussions and research and innovation forums.

Lacroix will be presenting Asset, Cosmo Tech’s asset management system software for optimizing asset investment and maintenance strategies for the world’s most critical infrastructure, among them being electricity DSOs and TSOs. Asset enables asset managers and decision makers to improve decision making by adopting a whole-lifecycle cost/benefit approach to asset management, therefore increasing productivity and optimizing workflows. It integrates asset risk, resources, and finances into a single solution so that users can run “what-if” scenarios and optimization analyses to develop and justify asset maintenance and investment plans.

Lacroix will also be presenting Cosmo Tech’s platform for modeling and simulating complex systems. With the expertise of the Cosmo Tech team, the unique modeling and simulation technology is a scalable software solution that employs cutting-edge Augmented Intelligence to accurately analyze and predict the impact of any decision, allowing users to visualize their networks on a larger scale.

Participants at CIRED include some major electricity companies from across the world such as Schneider ElectricEnedis and T & D Europe.

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