Think SmartGrids had its third general assembly in Paris on 19 April 2018.

Think SmartGrids is a French association dedicated to developing smart grids in the French sector, promoting French solutions in Europe and across the world, and making the voices of their key stakeholders heard. The association is composed of 100 members with backgrounds in electronic engineering, automation, telecommunication equipment and information systems, business models, and regulation. Assembling smart grids actors from around France, the assembly voted for its new executives by its Administration Counsel.

Olivier Grabette, originally the Vice-President of Think SmartGrids in 2015, became the association’s new President while Philippe Monloubou, CEO and President of Enedis, will preside as Vice-President. Grabette is a member of the Executive Board at RTE and is an Adjoint CEO of Prospective, Expertise, and Solutions since October 2015. Monloubou has ample experience concerning problems of local development after starting his tenure in the electricity sector in 1979 with EDF.

Also included in the election was Cosmo Tech’s co-founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel, who was reelected as the second Vice President for Think SmartGrids. Previously elected as second Vice-President in 2017, De Bantel has been active with Think SmartGrids since 2015, bringing his expertise in managing technology companies and holding both an MBA and a Master’s in Business Management.

Current treasurer Antione de Fleurieu will remain in his post and Valérie-Anne Lencznar was elected the Managing Director.

Grabette will continue to develop the association on an international scale in Indonesia, Singapore, India, and Senegal. Working with existing actors in France, he will present emerging themes, particularly those of smart grids in territories, storage, self-sufficiency, and electric mobility.

He will also implement three axes from their 2018 action plan – the construction of a value proposition for smart territories, the development of a strategy on smart grids for electric mobility services and establishing the agreement between Think SmartGrids and SeR that was signed last December.

Reunited for their traditional General Assembly, the members of the association thanked the board for their dynamic services, particularly Monloubou for the momentum gained by the association and its presence in the French institutional and corporate landscapes.

You can read the full press release here.

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