The CoSMo Company, the technology company behind the leading platform for decision management and modeling and simulating complex systems, today announced a partnership with CGI Business Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in transformation and innovation and a consulting entity of CGI.

The first application to emerge from this collaboration offers simulation of the planning of nuclear power generation plant shutdowns to optimize nuclear power availability.

To respond to the challenge of energy players for operational excellence and cost reduction, CGI Business Consulting, a firm specialising in profitable and sustainable strategies for company growth, has developed various optimization scenarios for nuclear plants. CGI Business Consulting has chosen to rely on The CoSMo Company to accelerate their deployment.

By adopting The CoSMo Company’s systemic approach, CGI Business Consulting offers the major players in the energy generation sector the opportunity to optimize their operational processes as well as a decision management tool for planning and optimizing strategic investments. The expertise of CGI Business Consulting combined with the unique technology developed by The CoSMo Company enable nuclear plants to significantly improve the control of their periodic shutdown planning.

The maintenance of a nuclear reactor during an outage consists of several thousand different and interdependent tasks carried out in a very constrained period (1 to 2 months).

Every 12 to 24 months, each of the 186 reactors in the European nuclear power network must interrupt their electricity production, resulting in more than a month during which the electricity supply rests only on other available reactors.

Reduction in the turnaround time for these shutdowns is a strategic challenge for energy generators who are keen to significantly increase the availability of their nuclear power plants.

The CoSMo Company is aiding generators by moving beyond big data approaches and to a platform that enables them to:

  • capture the business expertise of the various actors involved in the management and operation of nuclear parks to model the entire system;
  • account for the multiple teams working on-site, the availability of equipment and spare parts and the various logistical needs in a holistic manner;
  • simulate the robustness of schedules in the face of uncertainties and to control and secure the execution of shutdowns;

CGI Business Consulting Vice President Energy & Utilities Cyril Cortina explains: “Innovation is at the heart of the consulting missions that we conduct for our energy clients. In the nuclear domain, our teams thus defined use cases enabling to answer in the short term to operational excellence and costs reduction issues. The CoSMo Company’s solution combining technologic and industrial expertise enables to accelerate their deployment.”

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman  of The CoSMo Company, and CEO of The CoSMo Company USA Michel Morvan commented, “This is a typical example of the highly strategic, no-fault decisions that large industrial players face. In order to make optimal decisions, these leaders must understand the entirety of their systems and be able to anticipate its evolution over time considering all the possible hazards.”

Several other collaborations are being studied in Europe for all types of energy producers (thermal, hydraulic, …).

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