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The world’s leading software solution for optimizing complex project planning, shutdown planning, and turnaround planning.

A transformational operations optimization solution.

No matter your industry, when you manage an industrial shutdown, you are under enormous pressure to execute on time, on budget, and with full transparency. Achieving this, however, has never been so complex. Shutdown and outage projects involve many different teams operating under a multitude of interdependent constraints that you find your meticulous plans are obsolete shortly after execution begins.

Cosmo Tech Plan is a powerful decision management software solution dedicated to managers that need to plan large and complex industry outages and shutdowns, and ensure that these plans respect very strict time, budget, and operational constraints. It enables users to evaluate plans and anticipate changes through simulation while accounting for multiple risks, and fostering collaboration around the optimal plan.

Thanks to our complex planning simulator, you can ensure tasks are correctly planned with regards to all the structural constraints of your shutdown by evaluating the impact of your project management choices on the execution of your plan. The Cosmo Tech platform allows you to dynamically simulate your plan in its constrained environment to evaluate its feasibility and discover the cascading effects of your choices. Rationally justify your procedures and make all stakeholders collaborate around a shared single vision of the plan.

It’s time to improve your planning with Cosmo Tech.


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Losing €1 million a day?

What does a turnaround cost you? For one nuclear energy plant the combined cost of workforce, lost production, and non-delivered energy when a shutdown operation is delayed by a single day is €1 million. Cosmo Tech Plan helps deliver shutdown plans on-time, on-budget, and with expected reductions in delays of 5 days per site, for an expected €5 million return.

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