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The world’s leading asset management system software for optimizing asset investment and maintenance strategies for the world’s most critical infrastructure.

A transformational asset management system.


As an asset manager, you understand better than most that optimizing the performance of one class of assets can have a negative and significant impact on other parts of your network. Thanks to Cosmo Tech Asset, you can consider the complex interconnections between different assets and the constraints in your network, allowing you to make trade-offs between the maintenance and renewal of your assets in the long term.

Why integrate an asset management solution in my industry’s strategy?

Unlike existing enterprise asset management solutions which only consider part of the system, our solution models every asset and all of their interconnections in order to accurately simulate and anticipate the consequences of potential choices. Our unique asset management system provides asset managers and decision makers with the information and management tools they need to visualize their networks holistically, taking into account all constraints such as financial, human, regulatory, environmental, and more.

Keep track of your asset inventory.

Using the Cosmo Tech platform, you are able to efficiently manage your complex system of interconnected assets while maintaining a high standard of service and mitigating risks. Our solution enables asset managers to improve decision making by adopting a whole-lifecyle cost/benefit approach to asset management, therefore increasing productivity and optimizing your work flows. They integrate asset risk, resources, and finances in a single solution so that users can run “what-if” scenarios and optimization analysis to develop and justify asset maintenance and investment plans.

Multiple factors can contribute to the decline of an asset. Cosmo Tech’s asset tracking software allows you take care of your business needs by monitoring your asset inventory and their state of health. Never again wonder which strategy will be the best. 

Turn complexity into clarity with Cosmo Tech.


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An €80 million solution

With an annual spend of more than €800 million on asset investment and asset maintenance, saving even one percent can represent enormous value. Here’s how Cosmo Tech Asset helps Europe’s largest electricity TSO to generate savings above 10% and transform the way they make strategic decisions.

Praise for Cosmo Tech Asset

“We are able to test and validate asset management scenarios that already allow us to optimize their costs by around 10%, with an equivalent level of service for our clients.”

Electricity TSO


“This project is groundbreaking… It will impact the way all our departments work. We expect it to greatly ease our planning work and strengthen our teams’ collaboration.”

Rail Network Operator


“Cosmo Tech Asset supports companies in proactively managing and shaping the significant changes that are in the long-term interest of consumers, stakeholders, and decision makers.”

Pete Massey

Founder & Director, Upcurve Limited

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