Cosmo Tech’s next-generation smart territories applications were on display at the Innovative City 2017 event in Nice, France, this week.

This year’s Innovative City event featured the tagline ‘Where Innovation Means New Models’ which proved perfect positioning for Cosmo Tech’s VP Global Sales Baptiste Jouffroy.

“This is a wonderful event where municipalities, industry actors, and technology companies come together to present some of the most groundbreaking solutions to contemporary urban challenges,” he said. “This year and with the emphasis on innovation and models, Cosmo Tech was very well positioned to present some of its industry-validated applications to key stakeholders.”

Chief among the applications presented by Jouffroy at Innovative City was Cosmo Tech’s Smart Energy Planning solution. With smart energy being a central element of any smart city or smart territory plan, the attraction of Cosmo Tech’s solution is obvious.

“Responding to the challenges of building the smart city demands more than just strong instincts, industry experience, or a reliance on historical data,” said Jouffroy. “Cosmo Tech’s modeling and simulation approach will allow decision makers to choose the optimal strategy among the dozens competing for their attention.”

Jouffroy and Cosmo Tech were guests on the GE booth in Nice. The two companies have worked together to develop the Smart Energy Planning application and have previously presented the solution at the SIG 2016 event in Paris.

Smart Energy Planning, though, is far from the only smart territories application that Cosmo Tech has to offer. Indeed, for Cosmo Tech Business Developer Antoine Rage, smart territories applications are among some of the most interesting to be built on the company’s modeling and simulation platform.

“Applications like MIC, our multimodal transport application, or FLUID, or critical infrastructure application, are attractive to municipalities and urban utilities that are seeking to provide better levels of service while optimising their investments in technology, in infrastructure, and in strategic planning,” said Rage. “The fact that we developed these applications with partners like SEDIF and IRT SystemX offer proof points to potential clients that we are working on real-life issues with real-world operators, and that Cosmo Tech clients can expect real advances on their business as usual strategies.”

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