Cosmo Tech co-founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Cosmo Tech USA Michel Morvan is on hand in Hong Kong today representing Cosmo Tech at the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit in that city. The two-day event gathers together utility executives and decision makers from across the East Asian region to meet with Schneider Electric as well as representatives of some of the world’s most cutting edge companies working in the utilities space.

Cosmo Tech was one of an exclusive group of just eight recognised names and emerging startups to be invited to the Hong Kong event by Schneider. Cosmo Tech took its place at the event alongside Microsoft, Accenture, Cisco, Intel, and Sales Force, a sign for Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane that the Lyon and San Francisco based startup has truly begun to make its mark.

“This invitation from Schneider Electric recognises that Cosmo Tech is among the very leading firms placed to help utilities make the best possible decisions for the investment, maintenance, and operations of their grids and systems,” he said. “It’s an honour for Cosmo Tech to be one of just eight firms globally invited to participate in the event and to meet important regional actors in the utility space alongside a strategic partner like Schneider Electric.”

Cosmo Tech’s Morvan was not only on-hand to meet with potential clients but also addressed the event during a special roundtable session. His talk explained how Cosmo Tech has already helped utilities in Europe to optimise their decision making, make smarter choices, and justify their choices to regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Also on hand in Hong Kong was Cosmo Tech’s North American Director of Solutions Kevin Cheung. Cheung took the opportunity to meet with potential clients and explain Cosmo Tech’s industry-validated approach to modeling, simulating, and accurately predicting complex systems for industry, including for utilities.

The two-day event concludes Tuesday and marks yet another step forward in the close relationship between Cosmo Tech and Schneider Electric following their December 2016 announcement of a partnership agreement designed to optimize asset maintenance and investment.

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