Writing for IT for Business, journalist François Jeanne sat down with Réseau de Transport d’Electricité and discussed their partnership with Cosmo Tech.


IT for Business is a monthly magazine dedicated to digital strategies and management. It is aimed at information systems managers, as well as general management and business managers facing the challenges of the digital age. Every month they print interviews, surveys, and portraits, as well as feedback from industry peers. In their latest edition, Cosmo Tech was featured in an article about their partnership with RTE, the French electricity transmission operator. Looking to optimize their network’s maintenance and renewal plans, RTE worked with Cosmo Tech for several months developing their operational procedures. Cosmo Tech helped them to anticipate the needs of their maintenance and renewal operations resulting not only in initial savings, but also in the prospect of being able to test innovative strategies and thus, improve quality of service.


“Historically, we had a laboratory in the Renardières region of Paris where we could test the behavior of the equipment to be maintained to take decisions concerning its maintenance or replacement on the basis of physical measurements,” explains Olivier Grabette, RTE’s Deputy Managing Director. In order to measure the equipment, digital models were created, and software tests are run to aid the decision-making process, going from physical simulation to numerical simulation.


However, classic digital models are not adapted to complex systems, such as the electric networks, with mixing areas of expertise and where decisions taken in one area can have significant cascading effects on another. Additionally, it is difficult to arbitrate between maintenance and renewal policies, especially since current decisions do not take into account the potential dynamic interactions between policies in the future.


“It is simply not possible to project oneself into the future using classical algorithms or simple simulations. So, we started looking for a solution that could address our problem,” recalled Grabette. “We chose Cosmo Tech, which had developed a platform offering many elementary bricks to configure”.


This specific platform, MONA (for Management and Optimization for Network Assets), can model and simulate complex scenarios to accurately predict the outcome of events across multiple business silos even if those events have never happened before. This unique capability to deliver interconnected insights allows RTE to accurately model various complex scenarios, therefore providing management with the capacity to make the best decisions for RTE and its stakeholders. After inputting their business expertise data into the platform’s models, RTE was then able to test scenarios and view concrete results within minutes.


With their current cost of asset management over 800 million euros per year, RTE was pleased with the results of the simulation. “We were able to test and validate asset management scenarios that already allows us to optimize costs by around 10%, with an equivalent level of services for our clients,” said Grabette.


Through the use of MONA, RTE leverage investments in big data and data science to decision management and Augmented Intelligence, which together allow the creation of unprecedented value by combining human and artificial intelligence.


“It is indeed a question of extended intelligence, in the sense that they experts are assisted by the solution, which bring them its computing power and the exhaustiveness of its knowledge but does not replace them in any case. Above all, it is a constructive dialogue,” explains Jean-Louis Muscagorry, Director of the Asset Management 2025 project at RTE.



As the partnership with RTE continues, Cosmo Tech is looking forward to developing their innovative solutions to help asset managers and decision makers optimize their networks. Pick up a copy of IT for Business to read the full article (in French).





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