Looking After Your Assets

Network, July/August 2018

As UK network companies start to develop optimised business plans for RIIO2, Pete Massey, founder and director of Upcurve Limited, looks at how French transmission system operator RTE adopted a new and holistic way of thinking to drive its asset management strategies.

From Looking After Your Assets:

“RTE, owner of the largest high and extra-high voltage electricity transmission network in Europe, spends more than €800 million on asset management every year. 

Confronting challenges to arbitrate between maintenance and renewal policies, RTE decision makers realised they needed to create a holistic business plan, allowing them to view the impact of their decisions across multiple systems.

RTE’s existing asset management tools were insufficient to tackle the problem. Apart from the risk of incompatible data, the main issue was simply that the different systems involved in RTE’s asset maintenance and investment programs were managed separately, and each with its own static view. All the relevant departments (asset strategy and operations, human resources, finance, supply chain, etc) had different drivers and individual objectives that could not be assessed with a single tool and analysed holistically over time.

RTE realised they needed a new way of working that went beyond existing options to help them take optimal asset management decisions. RTE partnered with Cosmo Tech and chose their Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) software solution. By adopting a radically new approach to digital simulation and retaining the existing principles of risk assessment, AIO provided an objective basis for comparing global asset management strategies, integrating maintenance and renewal in a single dynamic, and assessing the impact of assumptions or strategic choices…”