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Gartner Complimentary Report
Assess Supplier Business Continuity Plans for Risk Mitigation and Operational Resilience

Learn why Gartner experts are advising sourcing and procurement leaders to move beyond a check box approach to ensure their organizations are actively improving resilience.

Gartner research in 2020 found that almost three-quarters of sourcing and procurement leaders identified supplier risk management as the core process they anticipated “most significantly changing” as a result of the pandemic.

In this report, Gartner outlines their key findings:

  • “Supplier risk management and the stress-testing of supplier business continuity plans (BCPs) are now top priorities for chief procurement officers and other sourcing leaders.
  • Siloed approaches to risk identification and business continuity management mean that supplier risks are missed or not identified at a corporate level.
  • Most organizations still take a reactive and compliance-oriented “check box” approach to supplier BCPs, rather than a proactive one focused on aligning business requirements with supplier capabilities.
  • Improving supplier BCPs requires internal collaboration with business continuity management and enterprise risk colleagues, and external collaboration with strategic partners and service providers.”


© Gartner, Assess Supplier Business Continuity Plans for Risk Mitigation and Operational Resilience, Roberta Witty, Sarah Watt, Geraint John, Sam New, 1 March 2021

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