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Reshaping the World with Augmented Intelligence

In the same way that relational databases first enabled us to establish links between formerly siloed data to reveal more than what any single dataset could tell us, Augmented Intelligence has the potential to link today’s siloed domains of expertise to explore relationships, detect causes and effects, and make predictions far beyond what individual humans or AI could possibly conceive.

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Asset Investment Optimization

Cosmo Tech’s Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) solution is the world’s leading software for modeling, simulating, and optimising asset management strategies, maintenance and renewal strategies, and investment strategies for critical infrastructure.

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Download the AIO for Water Utilities Datasheet

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Smart Energy Planning

Smart Energy Planning is a powerful urban planning optimization tool that enables local authorities and urban energy stakeholders to model, simulate, and optimize urban energy infrastructure plans holistically and over a long-term period.

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Cosmo Tech Platform

Cosmo Tech’s Platform is the world’s leading software platform for the modeling and simulation of complex systems. It is the foundation on which all Cosmo Tech solutions are built and is the product of decades of development and expansion by Cosmo Tech complex systems specialists and software engineers.

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AIO for Rail Network Infrastructure

Rail network infrastructure managers are responsible for managing increasingly complex networks composed of an aging asset base under significant financial pressures. Traditional investment and asset maintenance planning methods cannot handle the increasing complexity and expectations of the modern rail network operating environment. Cosmo Tech, however, has developed an original, model-driven approach to asset management for rail network infrastructure managers, and a unique Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) for Rail software solution.

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Fundamental Research

Cosmo Tech’s team of developers, engineers, scientists, and researchers regularly publish original research in complexity science, modeling and simulation, and asset management. They appear at international conferences and symposia, and are guest speakers at industry and sectorial events in the critical infrastructure space. Some of their research is collected below for download.

Download Strategic Asset Management: A Systems Driven Approach for Electrical Transmission Systems

Download La modélisation des systèmes complexes, un concept novateur pour la gestion des actifs des réseaux électriques (French)