The Cosmo Tech Way

A Unique Methodology


What sets Cosmo Tech apart is more than just its approach to complex systems. The technology that supports this approach and empower clients to make optimal decisions is founded on a unique and proprietary programming language and systems modeling methodology that allows Cosmo Tech to model all types of industrial, social, and natural systems.

The company’s Complex System Modeling Language (CoSML) helps Cosmo Tech developers map real-world systems and their myriad of interconnections and relationships as they actually are.

These systems are then modeled in the Cosmo Tech Simulation Suite (CSS), a user-friendly graphical interface where any type of system – industrial, financial, social, natural – can be depicted. Once modeled in the CSS, the systems can then be delivered to end users as domain-specific applications that allow and encourage users to run multiple ‘what if’ scenarios, optimize strategies according to nominated KPIs, and determine the optimal decision to take in a specific future circumstance.

Cosmo Tech’s technology has already been deployed in major companies in a variety of industries.

Perhaps the most prominent adopter of Cosmo Tech’s software has been RTE, France’s leading electricity transmission system operator, which has embraced Cosmo Tech’s asset investment optimization application. Cosmo Tech’s innovation application has enabled RTE to identify potential reductions in risk and expenditures of more than 14%, and potential reductions in operational conflicts of 20%.

Other early adopters of Cosmo Tech’s software include GE, Veolia Environment, Sanofi, Alstom, SNCF, and EDF.

These companies have used Cosmo Tech applications to address complex systems in fields as diverse as smart city planning, emergency management, pharmaceuticals, rail investment, and consumer energy transmission and delivery. The variety of domains in which Cosmo Tech technology has enabled businesses to find their optimal strategic direction is evidence of both the heterogeneity of complex systems and the potential for Cosmo Tech to support optimal strategic decisions in any domain.