The Cosmo Tech Approach

A Unique, Industry Validated Approach


The technology that Cosmo Tech brings to strategic decision making processes was born in fundamental scientific research in complexity theory and the study of complex natural and human systems.

The co-founder of the company, Michel Morvan, is a recognised world leader in the study of complexity and his vision, coupled with that of his fellow founder Hugues de Bantel, has driven Cosmo Tech’s team of engineers to create a technology stack that is unparalleled for three clear reasons.

First, Cosmo Tech’s software allows businesses to model their systems as they actually are.

No longer are different elements of the business considered in separate silos. Instead, all parts of the business are modelled as elements in a single system so that the impact of changes in one area on another can be accounted for. This holistic approach means decision makers are never surprised by unintended consequences and can instead balance risk and reward in the most appropriate manner.

Second, Cosmo Tech’s software enables decision makers to unlock the causality in their business systems instead of only seeking out correlations based on past events.

Unlike big data approaches to informing corporate decision making, Cosmo Tech doesn’t seek to predict the future based on the events of the past. Instead, Cosmo Tech’s approach unlocks the causes behind events and identifies the optimal strategies to adopt. In other words, instead of reporting what has happened before, Cosmo Tech helps decisions makers know what will happen next.

Third, Cosmo Tech’s software enables decision makers to run unlimited simulations of future events with evolving parameters so as to understand how a particular strategy will impact the business and its KPIs in the future.

These simulations are both repeatable and auditable, meaning that decision makers can be sure they are making the right strategic call in an increasingly complex industrial environment.