Cosmo Tech Partners

Partner: CGI Business Consulting

Project: Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown Process Management

The maintenance of a nuclear reactor during an outage consists of several thousand different and interdependent tasks carried out in a very constrained period (1 to 2 months). Every 12 to 24 months, each of the 186 reactors in the European nuclear power network must interrupt their electricity production, resulting in more than a month during which the electricity supply rests only on other available reactors. Reduction in the turnaround time for these shutdowns is a strategic challenge for energy generators who are keen to significantly increase the availability of their nuclear power plants. The expertise of CGI Business Consulting combined with the unique technology developed by Cosmo Tech enable nuclear plants to significantly improve the control of their periodic shutdown planning.

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Partner: RTE

Project: Co-Development of an AIO Application

AIO is a systemic asset investment planning application dedicated to electric transmission utilities and co- developed in partnership between Cosmo Tech and RTE, to perform global and long-term optimization of OPEX, CAPEX, and risk. In a context where the majority of electric assets have soon reached the end of their lifecycle, AIO enables transmission utilities to face this inevitable wall of investment by keeping OPEX and CAPEX as low as possible while maintaining an acceptable level of risk and quality of service. Stakeholders will be able to provide the regulator with more accurate and rational plans in order to determine costs accordingly.

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Partner: Alstom

Project: Rail System Efficiency

Alstom, a global leader in rail transportation, and Cosmo Tech are working to develop a new application to improve the global efficiency of a rail system.This application is expected to set the global standard for energy efficiency, and operations optimization. It will allow operators to consider the entirety of their rail operations which has never been done before, as every part of a system is usually assessed separately and it will allow Alstom to design more efficient transport networks and to meet higher performance and service quality standards. The combination of Alstom’s expertise in rail operations and technologies and Cosmo Tech’s experience in asset investment optimization and decision management will enable the application to deliver significant value for rail system owners and infrastructure managers worldwide.

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