Excitement levels are rising at Cosmo Tech as the annual deep tech Hello Tomorrow Global Summit draws closer.

Now just one week away, the event is set to add to the record of success that the Hello Tomorrow has established in recent years. The annual event is unique on the French business landscape in brining together big business, innovative startups, and researchers from the world’s most entrepreneurial research laboratories and universities. Drawing some 3000 people to the flagship Paris summit each year as well as many thousands more to the regional summits in the US, Asia, and South America, Hello Tomorrow stands as a key driver of deep technology and technologic innovation around the world.

This year will be especially significant for Cosmo Tech as Michel Morvan, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech and CEO of Cosmo Tech US, has been invited to deliver a keynote address. Morvan will present Augmented Intelligence from the main stage of the Hello Tomorrow event and he is enthusiastic as the opportunity to share his vision with a knowledgeable and entrepreneurial audience.

“The world is getting more complex and businesses are finding it more difficult than ever to choose optimal strategies within that complexity,” Morvan said. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to present Augmented Intelligence and demonstrate how technologies like Cosmo Tech’s can help decision makers make the best choices no matter the industry, and no matter the complex challenge they face.”

For Morvan’s Cosmo Tech co-founder, CEO Hugues de Bantel, Morvan’s invitation to speak at Hello Tomorrow is proof positive that Cosmo Tech’s technology is gaining significant traction.

“I am particularly proud that Michel has the opportunity to share our vision of Augmented Intelligence with the Hello Tomorrow audience,” he said. “His invitation to keynote this event is proof of the significant impact that both Augmented Intelligence and Cosmo Tech are already having.”

Also in attendance at Hello Tomorrow will be Cosmo Tech’s marketing team including Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane, Marketing Manager, and Marketing and Communication Manager Julien Marbouty. Kissane is enthusiastic about the event and the opportunities for the Cosmo Tech team to present their solutions and deliver their message to the companies and media gathered in Paris.

“Cosmo Tech has a compelling story to tell and Hello Tomorrow is one of the best places to tell it,” Kissane said. “Not only has this been a year of great success for the company – we’ve made the Cleantech Global 100, won Red Herring Awards in Europe and the United States, and raised millions of dollars, too – our Augmented Intelligence solutions, particularly for critical infrastructure, are moving from strength to strength. I’m looking forward to Michel Morvan’s keynote address and to sharing our vision for decision management with the world at Hello Tomorrow.”

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit runs from Thursday 26 October to Friday 27 October 2017, and Michel Morvan’s keynote address will commence at 11:55am on Friday morning.

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