Cosmo Tech is proud to release its latest newsletter containing exclusive interviews with industry experts and free access to much-sought-after research from leading analysts at Gartner.

The latest newsletter offers readers a chance to read the thoughts of industry leaders on the state of key industries including utilities, electrical transmission, nuclear energy, and more. In candid sit-down sessions with Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane, experts weighed in on the complex challenges businesses were facing and the best ways to address those challenges to remain sustainable, profitable, and relevant.

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Exclusive Interviews

“It was fascinating and very rewarding to interview experts like Laurent Schmitt, the Secretary General of ENTSO-E, and Marc-André Forget, the CEO of Ossiaco,” said Kissane. “They explain so clearly the challenges that the energy and utility sectors are facing and demonstrate the value that a modeling and simulation approach such as Cosmo Tech’s can provide.”

A common theme in the interviews was digital transformation. Laurent Schmitt, for example, outlined how European electrical TSOs generally, and ENTSO-E specifically, were undertaking their digital transformation. Marc-André Forget also touched on digital transformation, pointing to examples in the utility sector where that transformation was problematic, and other cases where it was progressing well.

The Cosmo Tech newsletter also includes a transcript of a joint interview by Kissane with Cosmo Tech Chief Business Development Officer Thierry de Lumley and CGI Business Consulting’s Frédéric Turkisch. The pair talked about how Cosmo Tech’s core technology and platform can be exploited by partners and offered the example of their recent collaboration in the field of nuclear energy shutdowns, process management, and asset management.

In the interview de Lumley explained the wide appeal of Cosmo Tech’s approach to complex industrial systems and the broad applications of that technology by his application discovery team. “We go to any decision makers that have complex decisions to make and we instantiate their gut feeling. We are really talking about augmented intelligence, and we do it in many fields,” he explained. “We haven’t found a topic, business, or industry we cannot address.”

Free Access to Leading Research

In addition to the exclusive interviews, the Cosmo Tech newsletter offers readers free access to leading research from analysts at Gartner.

The research report, Why Decision Makers Should Care Less About Data and More About Their Gut, by Gartner analysts Debra Logan, Carol Rozwell, and Bard Papegaaij is expected to be popular amongst Cosmo Tech’s audience. Among the key findings in this report are:

  • Since at least the time of Plato, Western thinking has viewed the logical, reasoning mind as separate from, and superior to, the emotional, intuitive mind.
  • Recent neuroscience shows that both minds are inseparable partners in the same complex decision-making process.
  • Emotion is a motivating force behind all decisions and judgments.
  • The emotional mind is faster and, in many situations, smarter than the logical mind.
  • Every emotion has a specific message, a specific skill and a specific purpose; learning the language of emotions helps you become their ally, instead of their powerless puppet or strict taskmaster.

Bonus Content

With this issue of the Cosmo Tech newsletter comes nearly an hour of bonus video content for readers.

“The interviews that we conducted were so interesting we wanted to share them in their entirety with the Cosmo Tech audience,” explained Kissane. “Readers need only click through the link on the newsletter, enter their contact details, and they’ll have immediate access to the full interviews with our industry experts.”

Coupled with the research report from Gartner and a special ‘Is Cosmo Tech Right For You?’ section, there’s plenty to attract decision makers, asset managers, and business leaders to this latest newsletter.

Go directly to the Cosmo Tech newsletter and access free research from Gartner now.

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