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Cosmo Tech Team Building Day 2017

Team building was the name of the game for the Cosmo Tech team as they decamped recently from the company’s Lyon headquarters to a lakeside location for the day. The annual event is a highlight of the early summer on the Cosmo Tech calendar and this year the trip to...

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Three Questions for Thierry de Lumley

Thierry de Lumley is Cosmo Tech’s Chief Business Development Officer and responsible for the management of Cosmo Tech’s Application Discovery and Business Development teams. What does the Application Discovery team do at Cosmo Tech? The Application Discovery team is...

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The @cosmotechweb Social Wall

Less than two weeks after the launch of the new Cosmo Tech brand one of the most popular pages of the new website is a brand new venture from the Cosmo Tech marketing team: the @cosmotechweb social wall. The page gathers together all of Cosmo Tech's social media posts...

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Book Review: Complexity in Popular Science

Cosmo Tech is renowned worldwide for its expertise in modeling and simulating complex systems and both its industry-validated approach to complexity and its augmented intelligence solutions for the C-suite build on this expertise to deliver value for clients. Yet...

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Three Questions for Thomas Lacroix

Thomas Lacroix is the CTO of Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon, France from where he leads the Cosmo Tech technology teams. Is there such a thing as a typical day for a CTO in a startup? Being a CTO in a startup means dealing...

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Three Questions for Laurent Hours

Laurent Hours is the CFO of Cosmo Tech. He answered our questions from Lyon, France from where he leads the Cosmo Tech administrative team. What attracted you to work in the technology sector? I have always been interested in new technologies, in software, and in...

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