Cosmo Tech has released an updated video highlighting its Smart Energy Planning (SEP) application.

One of the applications in Cosmo Tech’s Smart Territories suite, SEP helps municipalities and energy providers to model, simulate, and accurately forecast the demand for energy in urban areas. With shifting demands from consumers and regulatory demands from governments to consider alongside budgets and investment planning, city planners and energy distributors face complex challenges in delivering energy and heat to dynamic populations.

The new video from Cosmo Tech explains how SEP, co-developed with GE and IRT SystemX, uses simulation-based predictive analytics to help cities and energy providers navigate the complexity of the energy transition. With SEP, the impacts of every decision on the broader system can be assessed, analysed, and then optimised to hit target key performance indicators (KPIs). By harnessing Cosmo Tech’s industry validated technology and combining the cutting-edge research from IRT SystemX with GE’s market-leading position in smart energy, SEP delivers enormous value for urban planners, municipalities, regulators, and energy distributors alike.

SEP in Action

The new video includes a simulation of the deployment of a heating network over a number of years south of Paris. The simulation scenario is realistic and the ability of the user to mix different heat generation sources, add pipes to extend the heat network, add or remove heat and energy production sites, and connect individual buildings or entire city blocks to the heat network. Detailed statistics and analytics are available to help the user determine if they have reached their KPIs.

More than this, though, the scenario takes into account the changing demographics, occupational profile, and environmental concerns of the citizens living in the area being simulated. All elements and parameters can be changed, configured, and adjusted in an effort to optimise the heat network. A photovoltaic panel can be made more or less efficient, the cost of energy can rise of fall, and the energy mix adjusted to give greater priority to gas, biomass, solar energy, or any other energy source.

Simulating scenarios, adjusting parameters, and testing assumptions helps the user to determine the best decisions to make to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction, lower greenhouse gas emissions, greater energy efficiency, and lower costs.

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