Cosmo Tech is pleased to announce our latest eBook on Asset Management. 


Titled Augmented Intelligence and Asset Management: Finding the best past forward,, the eBook dives into the challenges and limitations of current asset management strategies. From outlining the challenges of asset management in a complex world to breaking down the traditional approaches, this eBook will help readers understand where traditional systems fall short, and how augmented intelligence can be used to better understand networks and their interconnected parts. 


Also included in the eBook are three case studies from users of Cosmo Tech Asset for critical infrastructures in electricity and water throughout Europe. Cosmo Tech Asset helps users model their networks (including assets, maintenance and renewal strategies and human resources) and run simulations to see where challenges will likely arise. Each model captures the data associated with the system, the characteristics and dynamics of the data elements and the causal connections that exist between the different elements. 


These causal connections are what help prove that using artificial intelligence and big data is not enough, as they both rely on correlations from past data. At Cosmo Tech, we understand that neither data science, artificial intelligence, human expertise, or human intelligence is sufficient enough to provide the optimal response to our complex concerns. We are convinced that we cannot address the issues that we face by using the tools, data, and correlations of the past. 


That’s where Augmented Intelligence comes in. Augmented Intelligence encapsulates human knowledge and expertise in a model, world-leading machine learning to power simulations, and expert human analysis to interpret the results of those simulations. With Augmented Intelligence, decision makers can embrace the power of their collective experts, combine it with cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, and for the first time understand the impact of all their choices on an entire complex system.


“In the real world, the challenge of asset management lies in understanding the relationships between all the asset systems associated with the goals of the enterprise. It’s the number, location, and state of the pylons carrying electricity across a geographic area; the number, location, skills, and schedules associated with the people tasked with maintaining those pylons; the flow of funds covering the costs of scheduled maintenance and the acquisition of replacement parts; it’s the quality of service that depends on the state of those pylons – and on and on.”


Readers can download the eBook here.


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