The CoSMo Company has a strong track record of helping the C-suite of electricity utilities make optimal decisions about their networks, their asset investment strategies, and their renewal and maintenance programs.

Yet the Lyon-based technology company’s unique modeling and simulation approach to complex industrial systems has applications outside of the electricity sector, including for other energy utilities with natural gas transmission and distribution networks. In a new case study of such an application, CoSMo demonstrates how its technology can help a gas utility better understand their network of assets, better plan their investment in future assets for that network, and optimize their asset maintenance and renewal policies.

The Case Context

Much like electricity utilities, gas transmission and distribution utilities are facing multiple concurrent challenges. An aging asset stock, an energy transition, and evolving environmental regulations. Gas utilities find that achieving balance between investing in network infrastructure and reliability, curbing operational expenses and maintaining a satisfying level of quality of service is a highly complex mission. Strategic Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) is an approach increasingly adopted by utilities that want to get a global view of their network, integrating different informational subsystems, asset strategies and projects into a single holistic analysis, to significantly improve their decision-making process.

In this context, the gas utility approached CoSMo with four primary objectives in mind:

  • Improved understanding of its network, the assets that make up that network, and the impact of various constraints on strategic decisions the utility’s leadership make.
  • More precise justification to regulators for the utility’s investment plan allowing the utility to negotiate tariffs objectively and with full transparency.
  • Understand the impact of budget cuts on the network and identify the optimal compromise between the maintenance and renewal strategy and network failures
  • Better connect the micro (operational) and macro (financial planning) visions of the utility and align data across the utility for optimal decision making

Get the Case Study Today

In this new case study CoSMo explains how its work with this Tier 1 gas utility has progressed, how it developed and what is included in its conceptual model of the gas utility system, and identifies the three core benefits to the utility of adopting CoSMo technologies to help it make optimal decisions.

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