Cosmo Tech has returned from a successful showing at the 2017 Network Asset Performance Conference in Birmingham, England, and Cosmo Tech VP of Global Sales Baptiste Jouffroy is pleased with how the event played out.

“We met with utilities from across the United Kingdom and had a chance to demonstrate our unique, industry-validated applications for asset investment optimisation and optimal asset maintenance,” he said. “There was interest from network utilities across the board about the ways in which Cosmo Tech can help decision makers choose optimal strategies under conditions of complexity. It was a great opportunity to present our technology in front of the very people who would benefit most from embracing it.”

Jouffroy attended the 21 September 2017 event along with Cosmo Tech’s Senior Solutions Consultant Aaron Forshaw. Forshaw, himself based in the UK, was impressed with the range of different network actors who demonstrated interest in Cosmo Tech’s solutions.

“The Network Asset Performance Conference attracts representatives and decision makers across industry lines,” he explained. “I had a chance to meet with decision makers and asset managers working in transmission and distribution in both electricity and gas utilities.”

This years event saw discussion and presentations around a number of topics that are increasingly impacting on the ease in which decisions are made in highly-networked and interconnected industries. Among the themes of the day were the impacts of regulation – including the next round of RIIO – on asset investment strategies, opportunities for innovation on both costs and customer service, enhancing asset performance by focusing on the effective use of data, and mitigating risk.

For Jouffroy, the alignment between these primary themes and Cosmo Tech’s augmented intelligence for critical infrastructure solutions cemented the value of the modeling and simulation platform the Lyon and San Francisco startup provides.

“No matter the type of network or the specific complex system involved, our critical infrastructure solutions help decision makers to manage their risk, make smarter investment decisions, and better manage their asset stocks,” he explained. “Our suite of applications have the capability to change the ways in which decisions are made in highly-networked environments for the better, and to help asset managers to extract the most value from their stocks.”

For more information about Cosmo Tech’s augmented intelligence for critical infrastructure solutions, click here.

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