Cosmo Tech Executive Chairman and co-founder Michel Morvan will be part of a panel discussion at Insurtech Insights Conference on Tuesday, 19 March.


Based in London, Insurtech is a two-day event and Europe’s largest insurtech conference. With over 2,000 attendees, 500 startups and 200 speakers, the event gathers investors, entrepreneurs and executives from the insurance industry. Insurtech Insights is a global ecosystem, aiming to connect industry leaders and decision makers with innovative startups who are challenging the insurance market, in order to create mutual business opportunities and accelerate growth.


Morvan will be taking part in a panel discussion titled « Is Data the Fundamental Source of Value to Insurance? » Morvan will be joined by four other participants: moderator Geoffrey Andrews (Carpe Data), John Davidson (First Central Group), Ed Leon Klinger (Flock Cover), and Nowell Outlaw (Vidado). In the panel, they’ll discuss the value that data brings to the insurance industry and how data can be used to better understand customers, improve processes and drive innovation. And while insurance is not currently a sector that Cosmo Tech is active in, data is one Morvan is certainly well-versed on.


“The very key message that is behind what we are talking about is that focusing on data is not enough if we want to address these extremely complex problems,” Morvan recently explained on a podcast for Enterprise Management 360. “We need to focus on data but also on expertise and put all that into models. That’s exactly the technology we’ve developed at Cosmo Tech.”


Morvan, of course, is speaking about Augmented Intelligence, which encapsulates human knowledge and expertise in a model, using world-leading machine learning to power simulations, and expert human analysis to interpret the results of those simulations. He is confident that Cosmo Tech’s solutions can be applied in the insurance technology field, particularly when it comes to assessing risk. The solutions combine both expertise and algorithms to address complex systems as they really are, and helps decision makers select choices and strategies by allowing users to run “what-if” scenarios and visualize the impact of decisions taken on one portion of the network on another.


Aside from his panel discussion, Insurtech Insights is a chance for Morvan to learn more about the insurance field and how Cosmo Tech’s solutions can be applied. He’ll meet with experts of the sector to find out how artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used.


Attendees can listen to Morvan’s discussion at 2:55 pm in the Westbourne Suite at the Royal Lancaster London.



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