Cosmo Tech’s co-founder and Executive Chairman Michel Morvan will be attending Les Rencontres Economiques tomorrow, 7 July.


Created by Le Cercle des économistes in 2001, Les Rencontres Economiques (Economic Meetings in English) is a three-day event located in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. The event has become the meeting place for reflection and debate in the economic world in France, providing a unique opportunity to share perspectives on solutions for the major issues facing the world, today and tomorrow. This year’s theme is “World’s Metamorphoses” and will welcome over 250 speakers from all over the world, including executives, academics, economists, authors, political figures and more. Notable partners and sponsors include Airbus, Enedis, RTE, and SNCF. The event features two special portions, a startup village and debates from economic leaders.


The startup village consists of startups selected from all over France, creating an “innovation walkway” of technological metamorphoses, where startups can offer demonstrations of their innovations and experiences to the public. This exhibition will propose a technological approach to the “World Metamorphoses” theme. In parallel, 14 think tanks are organizing an international conference to tackle – without any taboo – the major political issues related to the current and future disruptions in the age of technological evolution.


Morvan will speak at Session 7 titled “Will the cities of tomorrow remain human?”, where the issue of harmonizing the well-being of inhabitants with ambitious objectives of sustainability, protection of privacy, and social cohesion will be discussed. Integrating new technological advances in the service of urban development and creating an ultra-connected city raises hopes and fears from an economic perspective. Beyond the investments necessary for infrastructure expansion and development, the definition of tomorrow’s urban model is therefore a crucial issue in all societies. Morvan’s presentation will focus on Cosmo Tech and their solutions, which can help cities plan for years into the future. These innovative solutions allow decision makers to optimize costs and respond to the economic issues addressed in the session.


Morvan’s session will take place at 9 am on Saturday at Aix-Marseille University – Site Schuman. The event is open to the public, but inscription is required beforehand.



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