Cosmo Tech’s Executive Chairman and co-founder Michel Morvan was invited to join the Leadership Board for three roundtable discussions on Tuesday, 17 April in London.

The Leadership Board is an invitation-only, cross-industry, peer-to-peer learning community developed by global thought leaders and the world’s most influential practitioners. Inviting some of the most influential leaders in large companies, they created three programs surrounding HR, Technology, and Legal. The roundtable discussions allow participants to engage with peers and industry leaders who are at the forefront of their innovative technologies.

Participants will have tailored programs created for them, based on their challenges and strategic objectives, where they can share insights, experiences, and expertise. Morvan will be participating in the Technology portion of the program entitled “AI, Robots & Automation” to an audience of roughly 60 – 80 people. The leadership and advisory board for this portion includes global thought leaders from Barclays, Citi, and Vodafone.

Morvan will discuss how companies should embrace the future of Augmented Intelligence by going beyond Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Cosmo Tech has developed complex modeling systems solutions dedicated to heavy industry sectors that will allow asset managers and decision makers to plan for their critical infrastructure years into the future. Augmented Intelligence is the on the forefront of innovative technology, and Morvan is going to the Leadership Board to enlighten other companies about the benefits of embracing it.

No media or sponsors are allowed at this event, ensuring the participants will profit from tailor-made advice centered around their key strategic challenges, providing a true learning experience and a conversational flow. The event also allows members to benefit from cross sector and cross country elaboration, helping accelerate professional development.

This is a busy week for Cosmo Tech, whose executives will be present at three events throughout France and the U.K.


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